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A liquid condition preparation containing 21 high quality amino acids.

Herbots AMINOVIT is a liquid condition preparation containing 21 high-quality amino acids. It was developed a few years ago by pharmacist Jos Herbots, brother of Filip, and a known distance player.

Amino-acids are the building stones of proteins from which the function onto the muscles, nervous system and skeleton origins.

The Gebr. Herbots in Halle-Booienhoven uses Aminovit already for years, with known results. Also other champions, e.g. Pros Roosen from Kermt, know the value of this product.

Amino-acids account for a large deal of the process of the condition formation within man and within animals. However, it is of no use to randomly mix aminoacids.

21 high quality amino-acids
- dosed in accordance with scientific support
- solid quality of each amino-acid present

Dosage Treatment:
1 tablespoon Aminovit per liter of water or per kg food.
- for speed and 1/2 distance, 3rd day and last day before the day of hiving.
- for long distance, for a period of 3 days before the day of hiving.

Size: 1L

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