Bird Drinker "Mini" (Copele)

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In its version with buoy is an automatic bird drinker of great quality and reliability that will ensure that always fresh and clean water. The water is connected through a rubber tube that is shaped like a spigot (gray in the photo), this connector can be adjusted to give a higher or lower level according to the needs of the client. The regulation is screwed and a wrench can be used to vary the water level.

In the version with bottle has a system that facilitates the installation of the bottle to the body of the drinker, thanks to its large radio and the tank support that helps to fit the bottle more securely. The shape of the bottle when attached to the tank makes that a hitch is not required from the tank to the mesh of the cage.

The cup is designed for all types of birds or parrots and its sloping form makes any dirt fall to the bottom of the drinker, which is removable and easy to clean, so the fountain is always clean, preserving water quality. At the end of the cup is the eyelashes that fix the drinker to the cage to ensure its proper functioning, perfectly holding the weight of the 0.5 deposits.


Bottle 0.5 L

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