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Will dramatically increase oxygen in the blood, if added to BASKET BOOSTER.


Mineral rich products that are perfectly balanced to provide your pigeons the ingredients to come into optimum condition for racing, greatly improving their endurance and their ability to recover much more quickly from those tough races.

BASKET BOOSTER, if given in conjunction with BREAK AWAY the day of basketing will dramatically increase oxygen in the blood.

+ Calcium (Ca) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Sodium (Na) Amino Chelate
+ Magnesium (Mg) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Potassium (K)
+ Zinc Amino Acid Chelate
+ Molybdemum (Mo) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Chromium (Cr) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Iron (Fe) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Iodine (I) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Selenium (Se)
+ Copper (Cu) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Manganese (Mn) Amino Acid Chelate
+ Vanadium (V)
+ Boron
+ Anise Oil
+ Stabilized Oxygen

Administration and dosage:
. 1 tablespoon (1/2 oz.) per gallon of drinking water every day during training and racing.
. Prevent from freezing.

Shake well before using!

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