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A revolutionary product from Pigeon Vitality in co-operation with Biochem.

Liquid natural complementary feeding stuff based on essential oils for pigeons – to be administered to the drinking water to avoid respiratory problems during the race season.


Respiratory problems are one of the most widespread problems in pigeon racing. Due to warm and humid conditions under transport, most pigeons are exposed to respiratory diseases during the racing season. These problems often come along with large amounts of mucus whereby the pigeons show reduced oxygen intake with lesser available energy. Furthermore, the risk for bacterial growth on the mucous membranes is increased followed by secondary infections. The results are reduced performance in races and increased danger of an outbreak of respiratory diseases under transport and in the loft


  • Against respiratory diseases in the racing season
  • Decrease the amount of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract
  • Stimulates the natural defense of the organism
  • Supports in case of heat stress
  • Natural – no side-effects and resistance
  • Feed-grade quality ingredients and GMP+ certified


BronchoPlus is a well-balanced formulation based on different natural essential oils based on peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and menthol. The composition of BronchoPlus helps the pigeons to decrease the amount of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract.

Instructions for use

In racing season (to avoid outbreak):

2ml per liter of drinking water for 2-3 days every 3 weeks.

If the weather is hot, 1-2 days before basketing and after a race may be beneficial.


2ml per liter of drinking water for 6-7 days until symptoms disappear.


Avoid the simultaneous use of BronchoPlus with live vaccines. Withdraw BronchoPlus treatment two days prior to administration of live vaccinations and withhold it

for 2 days post live vaccination administration.

The dosage reaches for 50 liters which treat in average 1000 pigeons.

Storage stability:

Store in original packaging under cool and dry conditions. Close package after usage. Expiry date: 36 months after manufacturing date, when stored in unopened original packaging.

From our own tests

We tested BronchoPlus on own pigeons. First, we decide the appropriate dosage, i.e. what shall be maximum concentration of BronchoPlus in the drinking water (above this maximum concentration the pigeons will drink less).

The found that 2 ml per liter drinking water was the perfect dosage.

Thereafter we tested on a pigeon that had a sign of respiratory disease/mycoplasma by discolored wattles. We let it into our loft separated from our other pigeons and gave access to the drinking water with 2ml/liter BronchoPlus.

As shown in the pictures the discolored wattles disappeared already next days. We also found the pigeon more active and vital. After 2 days we concluded that the pigeon was free of respiratory disease and we let it into the other pigeons next door to observe the development. The following days we had no symptoms of respiratory diseases, nor any outbreak in the loft of any secondary related diseases.

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