Bullet Drinker - Plastic Pigeon Waterer w/Crown Ring

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Bullet drinker with top handles for easy handling and placement to reduce probability of spillage.

Bullet-shaped plastic fountain. Top handles for easy handling and placement to reduce probablity of spillage.

Available Bullet drinker Sizes:

- 1 US qt (0.9 L) Bullet drinker
- 2 US qt (1.8 L) Bullet drinker
- 3 US qt (3 L) Bullet drinker
- 1 US gal (4.2 L) Bullet drinker
- 1.75 US gal (6.7 L) Bullet drinker
- 2.5 US gal (9.5 L) Bullet drinker


*Bullet drinker Dust shields can be purchased separately

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael Gonigan

Perfect size

Paula Fay
Love these drinkers

These have been hard to find over the past few years
Thanks for having them

Amir Monemi
Best old design on the market

Hello, these Bullet Drinker water holders work well. Easy to clean and refill. I have been using the same design for my Pigeons for over 25 years. Only two issues. One Pigeon can use the handle for a place to sleep over night. Second is the inside handle that is used for hold the tank when filling it. Needs to be sealed. It does get a little green mold build up inside the handle. Regardless a Good choice for providing water for your Pigeons and other birds. Thanks

Rick Lund
Jedds makes it easy

I go on line and put in my order, they ship it. They have such a great selection of products it makes raising and racing my birds so easy

Gator Stokes
Excellent value for the money

They stay clean and don't let foreign matter in. Easy to tell how much water is left and good size mouth for your additives

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