Dextrotonic (Versele Laga) Electrolytes for Racing Pigeons

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Soluble electrolytes, trace elements., dextrose, fructose, and L-argine L-aspartate.

Electrolyte solution for racing pigeons containing ions, trace elements, dextrose, fructose, and L-arginine L-aspartate. DextroTonic is a highly effective energy supplement for racing pigeons. A regular administration of this special electrolyte solution during the racing season will improve performances significantly. The various ions (salts) support the fluid and acid-base balance in blood and tissues. Thus dehydration and imbalance of the biological equilibrium can be avoided. The essential trace elements (iron, manganese, and zinc) were supplemented to DextroTonic in order to obtain an optimal metabolism of fatty acids and carbohydrates in the pigeon during efforts. DextroTonic contains a high amount of energy due to the presence of high-grade sugars, such as dextrose and fructose. Administration of this special electrolyte solution before the race builds up high carbohydrate reserves in the liver and muscles. A high dose of L-arginine L-aspartate was added to DextroTonic to prevent fatigue. A rapid recovery is also obtained. DextroTonic has a fast, safe, and biological action.

Store cool and dark. DextroTonic can be used together with OROVITAL, OMNIFORM, or VITAMIX

When to use Electrolytes for Racing Pigeons:

  • Before race
  • Day before basketing
  • Day of basketing

Electrolyte Formula:

  • L-arginine L-aspartate 7 g
  • Dextrose 25 g
  • Fructose 25 g
  • Na+ 388 mEq
  • K+ 193 mEq
  • Mg2+ 173 mEq
  • Fe2+ 13 mEq
  • Mn2+ 0,1 mEq
  • Zn2+ 21 mEq
  • Cl - 175 mEq
  • Citrate3- 405 mEq
  • Sulfate2- 207 mEq


  • 3 caps (15 ml) per litre of drinking-water

Size: 500 ml bottle

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