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Great results only come from great products just like the Vetafarm Lizard Food!  Designed by vets for a happy and healthy reptile.


Lizards require a balanced diet to help maintain healthy weight ranges, healthy skin condition and help prevent diseases such as metabolic bone disease (MBD). It can be tricky to provide the correct balance with a combination of fruits, vegetables, insects, and small vertebrates, alone.

Vetafarm have developed Ectotherm Lizard Food to provide lizards with a high-quality diet that is balanced with the correct vitamins, mineral and other essential nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are scientifically balanced by veterinarians and nutritionists with a focus on the calcium to phosphorus ratio (Ca:P). The calcium to phosphorus ratio is critical to ensure normal growth, development, and ongoing health, as deficiencies or imbalance can lead to health issues and diseases such as MBD.

Ectotherm Lizard Food has been carefully cooked via the extrusion process. Extrusion is a method of cooking foods that involves high pressure and high temperatures. The high temperature and pressure breakdown the molecules in the ingredients, making them easier to digest and more palatable. The cooking process also kills any micro-organisms that may be in the ingredients ensuring the safety of the food.

Lizard Food has been designed to suit blue tongues, shinglebacks, monitors, skinks, and dragons at all stages of life, to ensure that they receive the correct balance to thrive.



Ectotherm Lizard Food should be made readily available to lizards at all times, making up at least 80% of the total diet to ensure nutritional balance.

Depending on your species of lizard, fruits, vegetables, insects or small vertebrates should also be made available to provide dietary enrichment and variety.

If using Ectotherm Lizard Food as a dietary supplement (less than 80% of total diet), a calcium, vitamin and mineral supplement such as Multical Dust should be added to the diet.

Size: 350g

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