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Avian strain of intestinal flora with immunostimulant Beta 1,3 Glucan.

Avian origin, natural intestinal flora and intestinal immuno-stimulant. Unique combination of the avian strain of natural intestinal flora combined with gut immuno-stimulant Beta 1,3 Glucan. Will increase vitality, fertility and performance by preventing the colonization of harmful viruses and bacteria in pigeons' and birds' intestines.


  • Lactobacillus casei, L ferment, L plantarum, L acidophilus and Streptococcus faecium
  • Pure Beta 1,3 Glucan

Dosage Treatment:
. May be added to the drinking water or to the food.
. It is advised that pigeons or birds treated with any antibiotics, also be treated with Medpet ENTERO-PLUS for the duration of the antibiotic treatment.
. To be given two to three times a week on a regular basis to optimize its beneficial effects.

Size: 500g

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