Oropharma Muscle Power (Versele-Laga) BCAA Capsules for Strong Flight Muscles in Birds

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BCAA capsules for quicker and better muscle-building. Muscle power capsules are BCAAs (Branched Chain amino acids). Those three essential amino acids are valine, leucine en isoleucine, used to prevent muscle breakdown and stimulate muscle building.

  • Quicker and better muscle-building
  • Reduction of muscle breakdown during flights
  • Less fatigue, quicker recovery.

Directions for use

  • In preparation for the race: the last two days before basketing, in the evening place 1 MUSCLE POWER Cap in the bill.
  • After the race: for a good and quick recuperation, immediately after returning home place one MUSCLE POWER Caps in the bill and repeat it the next day.


  • When administering, always wet the capsule in a little water to prevent it from sticking in the pigeon's throat.

150 caps

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