Parrocchetti Softplus - Breeding and molting paste for small and medium parrots (Pineta Zootecnici)


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For lovebirds, cockatiels, rosellas, enriched with fruits and berries.

Parrocchetti SoftPlus is a Breeding Paste for small and medium-sized Psittacidae birds (such as forpus, lovebirds, nymphs, parrots, etc.)

It contains all the components that young and adult psittacines need during breeding, growth and molting: proteins, vitamins, oils, minerals, amino acids, and other ingredients, which contribute a good part to the diet of these birds.

It is enriched with dried shrimp, fruits, eggs, vegetables, seeds, goji berry and juniper. This food has a thick texture for better ingestion.

It contains essential nutrients for a correct and balanced diet. It is a very appetizing food thanks to the varied fruits, berries and seeds that it contains and for its differentiated grain size. It contains complete proteins of animal and vegetable origin, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients; it is easily digestible.

Administration: Provide freely,

Proteins: 18.00%
Fats: 9.50%

Packaging: 800g bag

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