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Contains all essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, L-Carnitine, & bee pollen.

The most advanced formula available to maintain superb racing conditions. Contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, herbs, L-Carnitine, and bee pollen.

. Vitamin A
. Vitamin E
. Vitamin B6
. Vitamin B12
. Vitamin B15 (DMG)
. Vitamin D3
. Folic Acid
. Vitamin C
. Menadione Sodium Bisulfide (source of vitamin K)-1,500 mg
. L-Carnitine
. Potassium
. Calcium
. Assorted special selection of Natural Herbs (10%)
. Fructose
. Dextrose (not more than 5%)
. Magnesium
. Zinc
. Pure Bee Pollen

Dosage and Administration:
. Add 1 level teaspoon of BOOSTER POWDER to one gallon of fresh drinking water for the birds that are being shipped to the race.
. Birds on the race team that drink and are not being shipped should exercised as usual.
. Birds should be allowed to drink this formula all day on the day of shipping only

Size: 8oz plastic bottle.

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