RED-M (100ml) (Röhnfried)

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RED-M is a liquid feed supplement that stimulates the appetite with natural extracts of oregano, ginseng and echinacea and is used especially for weakened birds. The increase in appetite helps to improve the birds’ well-being.

✅ Thanks to the natural extracts of oregano, ginseng and echinacea, the appetite is stimulated and the desire to eat is increased.

✅ The appetite stimulation improves the birds’ well-being

✅ Ideal for convalescence in weakened birds or after illness

✅ Optimally suited for parakeets such as budgies, canaries, parrots and other ornamental birds

✅ Perfectly combinable with our other pet bird products: AcidPower, AminoFit, EnteroFit, FertiPlus, MineralFit, IntestiFit, MultiFit and ProbiBath.


Size: 100 ml

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