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Produced to make a stronger/faster recovery!

The current pigeon sport demands more and more from our sport pigeons. It is no exception for most pigeons to be basketed every week during the racing season. Even for 400 km and 500 km flights our feathered friends see a release site every weekend.

Top amateurs already pointed it out if previously the preparation for a flight was important, today the RECUPERATION after a delivered effort is of the utmost importance. The search for natural products that allow the pigeons to recover even faster and better had begun. The specialised pigeon vet Raf Herbots found the solution and developed the revolutionary mix of electrolytes TOP-FIT !

This is a combination of electrolytes where the substance Maltodextrine is of major importance. Maltodextrine is a high performance carbohydrate composed of complex glucose polymers and it has a mild sweet taste. As Maltodextrine contains less glucose parts, it is absorbed much faster by the body. Furthermore, this new electrolytes mix is absorbed slower and better into the blood and delivers therefore energy on a longer term and regulates the blood sugar level. It has to be administered immediately on return of the pigeons as well as the next day. Add 30 grams TOP-FIT per liter drinking water (2 level tablespoons or 1 full tablespoon).

TOP-FIT CANNOT be combined with other products. TOP-FIT can even be given on basketing day. Especially during hot days TOP-FIT operates as an excellent thirst quencher !

Thanks to TOP-FIT the pigeons will quickly be in better shape and will train again intensively.

Size: 500g

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