VAN VITAM 1000B (Vanhee)

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Before and during breeding or 2 days and day before race; 2 tsp/ liter of water.

The vitamins of the B group are absolutely necessary to the breeding of pigeons and indispensable in races by their nerve-strengthening properties.

Vitamins of the B group.

- Pigeons meant for breeding:
Before copulation and during the breeding give 2 teaspoons of VAN VITAM 1000B per litre of drinking water.
- Homing pigeons:
Two days before the race and the day before one gives 2 teaspoons per liter of water. In between administer pure water with VAN HIOL 1500.

After illness and treatment:
Give 2 teaspoons per liter water during 5 consecutive days.

Size: 250g

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