Kükenglück 2.0 (Röhnfried)

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Kükenglück is a tried and tested rearing supplement which reduces losses during rearing. With the B complex vitamins and the ADEC vitamins, trace elements and a coccidiostat, it ensures for healthy, balanced growth and prevents deficiency symptoms.

  • Healthy growth
  • Reduced losses
  • coccidiostats

Feeding recommendations

Feeding recommendation: 50 g (approx. 4 heaped tablespoons) per litre of drinking water or mix with 1 kg with rearing feed.

Administer Kükenglück daily for 14 days once the chicks have hatched. Then administer twice per week until the end of the rearing phase. Water should be replaced each day.

When administering with drinking water, some insoluble bits remain at the bottom of the trough. The effectiveness of Kückenglück is not impaired by this. Due to the high content of vitamin A, trace elements and monensin sodium in comparison to individual feed materials, this supplementary feed may only be fed to young hens, turkeys and chickens for fattening with up to 10% of the whole ration. Only feed up to 16 weeks old!

Note: Feeding at least one day prior to slaughtering not permitted. Alpha monensin sodium must not be mixed with other coccidiostats. Dangerous for equids. This feed material contains an ionophore. Simultaneous administering of tiamulin is to be avoided, and one should look out for possible side-effects when using together with other medicines.

Size: 550g

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