Pyranha Equine Spray & Wipe Insect Horse Repellent

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Pyranha® Equine Spray & Wipe™ is a water-based insecticide spray for horses that provides quick knockdown of biting insects without attracting dust or grime. This equine fly spray kills and repels stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, house flies, face flies, horn flies, gnats, mosquitoes, bot flies, ticks, fleas and lice. It can be applied either with a soft cloth or as a fine spray mist.

Pyranha® Equine Spray & Wipe™ contains pyrethrins, piperonyl butoxide and permethrin in an easy to use, citronella-scented spray that provides up to 30 days of protection. Avid riders may reapply every 10-14 days to maintain maximum fly control.

Supplied as a 1 gallon refill bottle.

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