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Add 5 grams (1 heaped measure; included) to 1 liter of water for 5-7 days.

For flock treatment of Psittacosis/Ornithosis and bacterial infections in pigeons and cage birds.

Doxycycline is the golden standard in the treatment and prevention of Psittacosis/Ornithosis. Vitamins included in the formulation to enhance recovery.

. Doxycycline 75 g/kg (7.5%)
. Vit A 1g/kg
. Vit B1 280 mg/kg
. Vit B2 250 mg/kg
. Vit B6 608 mg/kg
. Vit E 660 IU/kg
. Vit K 790 IU/kg
. Lactose 485g/kg
. Dextrose 485g/kg
. In confirmed cases of Psittacosis, treatment must be given for 40 days and supplemented with Medpet ENTERO-PLUS 3 times a week to replace beneficial gut bacteria.
. Can be used in the water or soft food.
. Safe to use, even for extended periods.

Dosage Treatment: Add 5g (1 heaped measure (included)) to 1 liter of drinking water for 5-7 consecutive days. Change medicated water daily.

Available Sizes; 200 - 50 grams,



* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

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