GARLIC OIL (Colombine)

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An extra source of lecithin, a vegetable substance for build-up of fat reserves.

Colombine Garlic Oil is produced on the basis of natural garlic extract, which improves the pigeon's general health. This product enhances the condition and speeds up the recuperation after exertion. Ensures a better blood circulation in the body, an improved breathing and a better working digestive system. In addition, Garlic Oil is an extra source of lecithin, a vegetable substance that is good for the build-up of the own fat reserves. On racing pigeons lecithin has a naturally stimulative effect.

Directions for use:
One teaspoon of Colombine Garlic Oil per kg grain. During winter-, breeding- and racing period: 1 day a week. Preparation for the racing season: every day during 1 entire week. Moulting season: 2 days a week.

Packing: 250 ml

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