Nekton-Orange: Premium Plumage Color Enhancer for Vibrant Birds

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NEKTON-Orange is a supplementary feed which was specially developed for orange-colored canaries (such as Yorkshire and Norwich) to intensify the color of the orange areas in the plumage. NEKTON-Orange prevents the orange plumage from fading and can help to support the bird's health in a natural way during the strenuous moulting period.

Orange canaries are a result of a cross between yellow and red canaries and co-deposit the yellow xanthophyll lutein and red canthaxanthin in the feather. NEKTON-Orange contains ground marigold blossoms, which intensify the yellow basic color of the orange-colored canaries, and the pigments canthaxantine and beta-carotene, which produce the red plumage. This creates an intense orange plumage color of the canaries.

Tagetes is a natural product that contains various carotenoids that are of crucial importance for the colored plumage.

Carotenoids are not only known for their coloring effect, they are also said to have physiological effects (as biological antioxidants or immune-stimulating effects). In addition, marigolds also contain active ingredients that are involved in the formation of new plumage.

In order to increase the quality of NEKTON-Orange, we have placed great value on natural components. NEKTON-Orange contains pure brewer's yeast and yeast cell walls and combines the advantages of the prebiotic and immune-stimulating effects of the yeast cell walls with the valuable nutrients of the brewer's yeast. Brewer's yeast is one of the most valuable products of all because it has a combination of health-promoting nutrients. These include essential amino acids (such as methionine, which is particularly important for birds), B vitamins, various minerals, trace elements and enzymes. The nutrients contained in the brewer's yeast have a positive effect on the bird's organism and are important building blocks for the formation of new plumage, which are increasingly needed during the moult.

In addition to brewer's yeast, NEKTON-Orange contains brewer's yeast cell walls, which consist of mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and ß-glucans. These ingredients can have prebiotic effects on the beneficial microflora of the gut and naturally promote a balanced gut flora.

The need for individual amino acids during moulting is particularly high. A deficient supply of amino acids to the bird can lead to delayed feather replacement and feather morphological disorders (such as curved or very soft feathers). NEKTON-Orange contains 18 amino acids, which can support the formation of new plumage during the strenuous moulting period.

In order to obtain an optimal coloring, NEKTON-Orange is applied at the beginning of the moult.

For a functioning metabolism, the daily feed must contain sufficient vitamins, minerals and trace elements and therefore a combination of NEKTON-Orange with NEKTON-Biotin or NEKTON-S is recommended.

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