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Vaccines are shipped MONDAY-WEDNESDAY via 2nd Day or Next Day Air. Vaccines should stay cool and are shipped weather permitting in a Styrofoam cooler with ice packs. Multiple vaccines can ship inside the same cooler.

Orders placed after 12 AM WEDNESDAY will ship the following week.

Remove 6-8 feathers from lower leg or breast & brush into open feather follicles. 

Pigeon Pox is a viral infection, spread by direct contact. Thus, prevention by vaccination is the best form of treatment.


For the prevention of the pox virus, Pigeon Pox Blen Vaccine is manufactured in the USA and is the only pigeon pox vaccine approved by the USDA. It is recommended for pigeons between 4 - 16 weeks of age and should be administered using a follicle method.


PIGEON POX VACCINE is supplied as a live, freeze dried vaccine, with diluent and applicator tool.

Dosage Treatment:

To use, remove 6-8 feathers from the lower leg or breast and brush the vaccine into the open feather follicles on the skin.

--En Espanol--

PIGEON POX (viruela) es un virus que se transmite por el contacto directo y en el agua, es importante no banar los palomos por aproximadamente un mes para evitar una epidemia.

Modo de Empleo:

Para aplicar remueva las botellas del enbase y mescle las dos soluciones, remueva plumas de la parte interior del muslo o pierna y aplique con la escobilla que biene en el enbase.La solucion debe entrar al cuerpo por los poros abiertos de las plumas.todas las vacunas deben ser ordenadas por separado y se mandan por correo express solamente.

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