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Supports cleaning of the complete organism of various waste products.

Herbots BRONCHOFIT is a specially composed concentrated herbal drink to make preparation by the pigeon fancier simple. It excellently supports the bronchial tubes, has a blood-purifying action, cleaning the complete organism of various waste products.

MARSH MALLOW EXPECTORANT (Helps aginst bronchitis and infections of the bronchial tubes), MALLOW (Stops infections and has a blood-purifying operation), AARONS ROD (Has a positive influence on the digestive system and expectorant), THYME (Expectorant, is ideal against bronchitis and throat infections. It is also ideal to calm the pigeon down after an effort), LIQUORICE (Stimulates the adrenal cortex. Also stops infections and is an expectorant. It also purifies the liver after an effort and has a muscle-relaxing action), ANISE FRUIT and FENNEL FRUIT (Stops infections, also stimulates appetite), POPPY (Stimulates recovery and relaxes after heavy races), ELDERBERRY (Stimulates blood circulation and is an expectorant. It diminishes the risk of various infections), HYSSOP (Is an expectorant herb exerting a positive influence on the lungs), EUCALYPTUS (Works antiseptic expectorant. It also has a positive effect on the relaxation of muscles upon arrival).

Dosage Treatment:
Administer 1 tablespoon per liter of water - 1 month before the race season a treatment of 2 weeks.
During the winter season a treatment of 3 weeks, the 1st and 2nd day after arrival

Size: 500ml

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