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Tipple tip and tapered syringe to use for feeding thinner & thicker medication.

Hand feeding syringes for small animals. Includes both a tipple tip and a tapered syringe to use for feeding thinner and thicker medications and formulas respectively. Nipple tip for feeding thinner medications and formulas. Tapered tip for feeding thicker medications and formulas. Safe and non-toxic, the Four Paws Easy Feeder Syringes are recommended by veterinarians. Made of durable, long-lasting and easy-to-clean plastic.

Nipple Tip: With plunger inserted into barrel, hold tip in formula, or medication. Pull back on plunger to create a suction effect. Fill to desired volume.

Tapered Tip: cut tip. Remove plunger from barrel. Pour formula or medication into barrel, up to desired volume. Reinsert plunger into barrel. When feeding your animal, angle the feeder toward the cheek to prevent choking. Dispense slowly.

Size: ~15cc

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