Form-Mix Plus (Versele Laga) Premium Pigeon Racing Supplement


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Scientific combination of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements to improve top form.

Colombine Form Mix is a conditioning powder for racing pigeons. Thanks to the scientific combination of vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements, this product improves the top form of your pigeons.

Directions for use:
Moisten 1 kg of your grain mixture with 1 tablespoon Colombine Form-Oil and add 1 tablespoon Colombine Form-Mix powder to it. Mix thoroughly and allow to dry for one hour.

  • Racing season: morning and evening, one day a week.
  • In the period of long-distance races: twice a week.
  • Young pigeons: morning and evening, one day a week.
  • Molting period: morning and evening, two days a week.
  • Aviary, breeding, and exhibition pigeons: once a week.

Packing: Pots 350 g


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