Mediprim (Medpet) Treatment for Pigeon Bacterial Infections


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Mediprim by Medpet treats bacterial infections, including Salmonella and E.coli in pigeons and cagebirds. Combines well with the other Sulphonamides.

Eliminates the Salmonella carriers if used correctly. Combines well with the other Sulphonamides. Extremely safe and easy to dose. Cost-effective, broad-spectrum treatment.

Composition(5 g contains):

  • 400 mg Trimethoprim

Dosage and Administration:

  • Use only as directed, Fresh solutions should be made daily.
  • Add 5 g to 2 liters of drinking water for 5 days.
  • In the case of Salmonella, refer to the package insert.
  • If treatment is not effective seek veterinary advice. See package insert for full instructions.

Size: 100g jar

 * Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

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