Digestal (Versele Laga) Intestinal Conditioner for Racing Pigeons

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Intestinal conditioner to promote optimal bowel movement and faecal consistency.

Colombine Digestal is an intestinal conditioner for racing pigeons, to promote optimal bowel movement and faecal consistency. This product is rich in nutritional fibre and contains live lactic bacteria and digestive enzymes. The live lactic bacteria accelerate the restoration of the natural intestinal flora. The digestive enzymes ensure optimal digestion. This product protects the intestinal walls since the prebiotic Florastimul promotes the growth of good bacteria and prevents the adherence of infectious harmful bacteria. Digital also combats the loss of fluids and electrolytes.

Directions for use:
Colombine Digestal is recommended in all circumstances where pigeons are producing droppings that are too watery in their consistency. This conditioner contains only natural ingredients and is not a medication. This product is administered via the feed: 1 measuring spoon per kg of feed. Prior to administering the product, moisten the feed with Colombine Ferti-Oil or Colombine Form-Oil. Continue treatment for 4 or 5 days, or until symptoms have disappeared.

Packing: Pots 300g

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