Factor 5 (Medpet) 5-in-1 Remedy for Respiratory Issues, Canker & Certain Worms in Pigeons


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A unique 5-in-1 combination remedy against respiratory, canker, coccidiosis, roundworm and hairworm– with added vitamins for fast recovery.

New all in one by Medpet, Factor 5!

For the treatment of Mycoplamosis (respiratory), Canker, Coccidiosis, Roundworm and Hairworm. Also includes a combination of vitamins for fast recovery.

The standout features:

  • All ingredients are used at their optimum concentrations ensuring maximum efficacy. Results were seen during thorough efficacy trials.
  • The synergistic effect of Ronidazole (for canker) and Amprolium (for coccidiosis) are well known
  • Levamisole given for 5 days proved to be very effective against hairworm (one of the most difficult to treat) and roundworm
  • The added vitamins speed up recovery from any illness and enhance efficacy of all active ingredients

Further features for racing and breeding:

  • Enhances race form and induces "down drop" during the race season. It can safely be used up to the day before basketing
  • Ideal for use before the start of breeding; many of the disease conditions that need treatment before mating are treated with this single product
  • Pigeons that are cleared of worms, coccidiosis, canker, Mycoplasma (respiratory) and other bacterial conditions will develop a better immunity when vaccinated against Paramyxo, Pox, and Paratyphoid
  • Levamisole is particularly well-known for its ability to enhance immunity, especially in this case when combined with vitamins and other active ingredients. This means Factor 5 helps vaccine to achieve its maximum potential, making it an ideal product to use before vaccinating

Dosage: Add 2 heaping tsp per 1.25 gallon (4.5 liter) of non-chlorinated water for 5 days.

Available in 100g, and 200g pots-- 100g treats 12 gallons of water.






* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *


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