Falcon Ronivet-SF (Vetafarm) - Trichomoniasis Treatment for Falcons

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In water treatment for Trichomoniasis (Frounce) in falcons. Trichomoniasis (Frounce) is a common disease of hunting falcons. Frounce may severely affect the throat and gut of the falcon leading to ill-health, poor performance and death. Trichomoniasis is often seen at times of stress or injury.

Key features: Ronivet SF contains Ronidazole, the most active and safe treatment for all protozoa of birds.

Directions: Direct administration to the falcon of 10mg of active Ronidazole per 1kg (35oz) of body weight daily for several days. RONIVET-SF can be mixed with the feed at a rate of 150mg daily per 1Kg body weight of Falcon.

Size: 100g



* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

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