Antisteril - Vitamins for fertility and singing (Pineta Zootecnici)


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Antisteril Pineta is a product that contains Vitamins A, D, E. It promotes and stimulates mating and singing. It enhances reproductive functions, fecundity, facilitates oviposition, increases and improves hatching, reduces growth anomalies and pre and mortality. neonatal. Antisteril contains assimilable calcium associated with vitamin D3.
  • improves embryonic skeletal formation and promotes the right consistency of the egg shell.
  • it is indicated for a fruitful mating and for a better vitality of the chicks.

Use: before and after mating, during laying, during the hatching and breeding period of the nestlings. It is recommended 15/20 days before, during the mating, in the hatching and in the breeding of the nestlings. The 20gr sachet can be administered in the mash (about 2kg), the bottle in the drinking water.

Packaging: 250g

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