BIERGIST 9000 (Vanhee)


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Mix 2 big spoonfuls with 1 kg of cereals; repeat a couple of days a week.

Beer yeast is rich in vitamins of the B-complex and contains valuable proteins in natural form. This improves the general resistance, vitality and capacity of the pigeons. It aids the growth of the young during the breeding period and brings the flyers at the top of their form.

Composition(guaranteed percentage of vitmains):
+ Vitamin B1 (thiamine); 100 mgr/kg
+ Vitamin B2 (riboflavine); 30 mgr/kg
+ Vitamin B3 (panthothenique); 90 mgr/kg

Dosage and Administration:
. Moisten the cereals with some sugared water of lemon-juice
. Take two big spoonfuls of BREWERS YEAST 9000 and mix them with 1 kg of cereals
. Should be repeated a couple of days a week.


Size: 600gr

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