Blacknoir - Black factor colorant (Pineta Zootecnici)


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Black Noir or ttimizza the colors of black plumage favoring the maximum development of eumelanin. Black Noir is recommended for melanic canaries: black, brown, agate, isabella series. It can also be used on colors with reduction factors such as pastel, opal, phaeo, topaz, eumo, onyx, cobalt, jaspe. On some reduction factors the dose may be reduced based on the mutation genes. It can be integrated with BRUNI for a cohesive effect with pheomelanin It naturally stimulates the body in the production of black pigments in genetically predisposed individuals.

Ingredients: Algae, cereals, fruit.

How to use: Mix thoroughly with the feed, 10 g per kg of feed

Packaging: 100 g jar

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