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Bands Color: STARTER KIT
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A new concept of elastic rings which can easily be put over the leg of a bird, using the specifically manufactured E-Z Ringing Gun. Thanks to the use of highly elastic material, the rings can expand to up to 5 times their original size.

The Starter Kit includes the E-Z Ringing Gun and 20 Elastic Bands (4 elastic bands of each of the 5 colors listed below)

The Relaoder Kit includes 50 Elastic bands of the color of your choice.

It is possible to ring newborn birds when they are just a few days old.
The high rate of elasticity allows the ring to adjust to the leg of a bird as the bird grows. Hence, the necessity to ring a bird several times, to prevent the ring from growing into the leg itself, is significantly reduced.
The limited height of the rings makes it possible to combine several colours of rings, one above the other, greatly expanding the options for marking.
The range comprising 5 ring diameters and 3 available sizes for the E-Z Ringing Gun makes it possible to ring all bird species.
The rings are available as a series of bright colours.

This new concept clearly provides professional bird breeders with nothing but benefits!



Exotics = Ø2 mm

Canaries = Ø3 mm

Chicks = Ø4.5 mm

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