Falcon Wound Aid - Wound and bumblefoot gel for Falcons

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Falcon WoundAid has been formulated by avian veterinarians to enhance wound hygiene and improve tissue regeneration in Falcons. Ingredients act synergistically to reduce microbial contamination and remove wound debris, while promoting healthy tissue. Due to the unique astringent action of Falcon WoundAid, it is ideal for application to bumblefoot and other wounds in performance birds.

Wounds and injuries are common in hunting falcons and poor wound management can lead serious complications such as infections, pain and tissue loss. The best practice for wound management includes wound cleansing to ensure that the wound is free from debris and infectious agents, dressing to promote healing and prevent further damage, and reduction of inflammation that may cause pain or discomfort.

Falcon WoundAid provides astringent and antiseptic action for cleansing, provides a physical barrier to prevent contamination of open wounds and provides anti-inflammatory action to promote healing and assist with pain and discomfort.


Dressed wounds and bumblefoot: Apply Falcon WoundAid liberally under a wound dressing. Dressing changes are advised every 48 hours until healed.
Undressed wounds: Apply Falcon WoundAid once every 12 hours to undressed wounds, or as conditions require until healed.

Store below 30°C (room temperature) in the closed original container in a cool, dry place. Protect from light.

2 years from the date of manufacture.

Active ingredients:
Octanoic Acid 20 mg/g
Policresulen 10 mg/g
Vitamin E 10 mg/g
Non-Active Ingredients:
Polyethylene glycol (PEG), Lemon Fragrance, colouring (red)

Size: 100g

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