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Natural products recommended in the racing season to reduce drop of performance due to respiratory diseases, pathogenic bacteria and canker. 28% Off

A Health and Performance Package has long been needed in the sport. Pigeon Vitality has recognized this need and now offers a program to follow on a weekly basis, and because these are all NATURAL products, and repeated each week. Success is not accomplished in a week, but offered to your pigeons on a long term basis. Included in the package are the four very beneficial products your flying birds need the most.

√ Improves and maintains health
√ Faster flight speed
√ Less diseases
√ Less loss

Improver helps protect your birds from bacterial infections such as Paratyphoid and E. coli. Improver also helps increase the resistance to viruses such as the Adeno and Circo as well as PMV-1. Improver also reduces drastically fungal and bacterial infections.

AntiFungal offered in order to increase even more the opportunity to reduce any damage done by the over use of antibiotics.

TriColi Stop is part of the package and is 99.8% effective in suppressing Canker. TriColi Stop also cleans and refreshes the liver.

BronchoPlus offers a NATURAL way to reduce the probability of your pigeons having respiratory issues. The Health and Performance Powder is meant for all flying breeds of pigeons, especially the racing homers, but including Rollers, High Flyers, Tipples and more.

The Kit includes:
1 TriColi Stop (Powder)
1 Improver (125g)
1 Antifungal (125g)
2 BonchoPlus 

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