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Cereloseᆴ dextrose, Sodium, Potassium, Gentian root, Vit. B6, Ketogluarate.

An aid in control of transmissible catarrhal enteritis, heximitas, clostridium perfringens, loose water intoxicated droppings caused from certain bacterial infections in the pigeon.

. Cerelose dextrose methylene alicylate
. Sodium
. Potassium
. Gentian root
. Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)
. Ketoglutarate and Chromium Polynicotinate
. Pure Garlic extract
. Proper amount of electrolytes

Dosage and Administration:
. At first sign of water intoxicated (loose) droppings, listlessness, catarrhal entritis - add 1 teaspoon powder to 1 gallon of drinking water for at least 72 hours; repeat if necessary.
. This should be their sole source of drinking water.

Packaging: net weight 6 ounces plastic bottle.

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