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Size: 20 gauge x 1/2"
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Polypropylene hub hypodermic sterile, single-use, 20 gauge, .5″ needle.

Hypodermic Needles Polypropylene Hub Aluminum Insert
- Intermediate Bevel
- Special bevel grind designed for use in animals.
- Clear-view, polypropylene hub is designed to fit
tightly on all standard lock slip or luer lock
- Aluminum stabilizing insert makes needle more
- Rigid autoclavable hard pack.
- Tamper-evident heat stake guarantees sterility.

Instructions for use:
1. To open package, align heat stake downward away from face (eyes), body and patient. Break tamper-evident stake by twisting the cap or by applying a downward snap.
2. To seat needle on syringe, push needle straight on (regular luer) or twist on (luer lock) and pull the cartridge straight off. When necessary, to remove the needle, needle cartridge may serve as a wrench.
The needle may never be touched!

Size: 20 gauge x 1/2" OR 25 gauge x 5/8"

Agujas ipodermicas de polipropileno desechables. Para abrir dele vuelta a la parte posterior del enbase de la geringa. Aguja tenga cuidado con los ojos y nunca toque la aguja por la parte afilada. No deje geringas ni ningun otro objeto punso cortantes al alcanse de los ninos. Para desechar ponga la aguja de vuelta en el cartucho.

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