K+K Protein 3000 (Röhnfried)

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K+K Protein 3000 is an easily digestible protein concentrate made from animal and plant proteins with a crude protein content of 65%. In addition to muscle development K+K Protein 3000 supports digestion with the siliceous and healing earth it contains. K+K Protein 3000 also contains valuable im­munoglobulins which support the immune system and thus strengthen the body’s de­fences after the flight. The added limiting amino acid methionine ensures smooth protein metabolism and excellent plumage development during the moult.

  • Multi-protein
  • Muscle building
  • Immune support

Feeding recommendation

2 scoops (20g) to 500 g of feed.

Travel time: 4 meals beginning on the day after the return.

Breeding and moulting season: 4 meals per week.

Only feed to homing pigeons. Contains blood products, it is not allowed to fed to ruminants!

This product is not to use in animals intended for human consumption. Because of the higher content of iodine compared to complete feeds, this supplementary feed may be administered to homing pigeons with a maximum of 40g per 1,000g of feed.

The simultaneous oral administration of macrolides should be avoided. In addition, the simultaneous administration of robenidine must be avoided in poultry. The simultaneous oral administration of coccidiostats other than robenidine is contraindicated for a montmorillionitol-illitol content of more than 10,000mg/kg complete feed.


Soya (bean) protein concentrate, fish protein, hydrolyzed (salmon), whey protein powder, rice protein, potato protein, wheat protein, magnesium salts of organic acids (acetic), magnesium carbonate.


Analytical Ingredients:  Crude Protein 65,1%, crude fat 3,0%, crude fiber 0,4%, ash 12,4%, sodium 1,83%, methionine 5,46%, lysine 4,0%.

Additive per 1,000g: Amino acids: DL-methionine  (technically pure) (3c301) 49,250mg. Trace elements: Potassium iodide (3b201) 350mg. Preservatives: Potassium sorbate (E202) 1,000mg, citric acid (E330) 26,500mg. Emulsifier: Lecithins (1c322) 9,950mg. Binders: montmorillonite-illite (1g557) 20,000mg.

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