Karnythin - Muscle and fertility supplement (Pineta Zootecnici)

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  • it is essential for a perfect muscle shape
  • promotes, stimulates and improves resistance to fatigue
  • improves recovery after exhibitions, after moments of stress or after therapeutic treatments
  • carries out an "energetic action" on the muscular system.

CATEGORIES OF INGREDIENTS mineral substances in aqueous solution.
L - CARNITINE 50,000 mg; Vitamin B1 5,000 mg; Vitamin B2 2,000 mg; Vitamin B6 2,000 mg; Vitamin E 5,000 mg; Vitamin C 5,000 mg; Biotin 500 mg.

USE mixed thoroughly with feed or dissolved in drinking water.

DOSES from 5 to 20 gr. per kg. of food or liter of drinking water.

Packaging: 250g

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