Mumm (Röhnfried)

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Mumm is an easy to digest and water soluble tonic that provides energy and replenishes glycogen reserves. Because it contains various carbohydrates, Mumm is able to provide energy before the flight and quickly replenish glycogen stores after the flight. Mumm also contains various vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which ensures straight forward muscle regeneration after the flight.

  • Flight energy
  • Tonic
  • Regeneration

Feeding recommandation

Feeding recommendation:

During the entire racing period, Mumm should be given via the trough.

Before the flights 2 measuring spoons(10 g) with 1 l water for 2 days.

On the flight day only clear water. It is important to feed Mumm after the pigeons’return for 1-2 days (2 measuring spoons (10 g) with 1 l water) to ensure fast recovery.

Can be fed together with Rotosal and Bt-Amin forte.

Size: 400g

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