Poultry Booster (Rooster Booster)

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Poultry Booster Pellet Vitamin Supplement, 1.25-lb jar.

  • Suitable for poultry and fowl of all ages to support their growth, development and egg production.
  • Provides feathered friends with plenty of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which are especially important for healthy laying hens.
  • Probiotics support a healthy immune system and healthy digestion, which optimizes feed efficiency.
  • This top-dress supplement comes in an easy-to-feed top-dress.
  • Contains calcium to support strong bones and eggshells.

    Give your poultry pals a boost of vitamins and minerals with the Rooster Booster Poultry Booster Powdered Supplement! This top dress supplement is formulated for all classes of poultry and can be used for all ages of fowl for growth, development and egg production programs. It contains probiotics to support a healthy immune system and to help optimize feed efficiency and it contains calcium to support bine development and strong eggshells.

Feeding Instruction:

Mix one 1/3 oz scoop (scoop enclosed) of Poultry Booster per pound of feed, or one 1.25lb container per 50 pounds of feed. Feed daily.



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