Red Factor - Red factor colorant (Pineta Zootecnici)


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Indicated for red factor pigmentation. Canthaxanthin, Beta-carotene and carophyll

It contains a highly concentrated mixture of canthaxanthin and beta-carotene in a degree that guarantees perfect pigmentation in red factor canaries. Its use is recommended during molting to achieve velvety and silky plumage. The Red Factor, in combination with VELL BRILL, satisfies all the nutritional needs of birds during molting.

We recommend

Use daily with a dose of 5 g per kg of food throughout the molting period. This product should be used with a soft white paste (e.g. White Past).

Cereal grain products, various (E161g - Canthaxanthin, E160a - Betacarotene, E160e-Xanthophylls)

Instructions for use

Use: mix well with soft paste (eg Spanish White) Dosage: 5 g per kg of paste. 
Duration of treatment: give a daily supply during the entire molting period. 
Maintenance: two days a week.

Packaging: 5g - 50g - 250g


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