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3 floor pigeon cage on wheels for breeding. Wheels make for easy transportation around the loft. Each floor has separate compartment for 3 hanging cups to be used for Grit/Water/Feed.

Individual cages (each floor)
36W x 24L x 16.5H
Divider for water/feed/grit is 7in wide compartment for birds is 29in wide and each section has its own door.

Total Size of cage
36W x 24L x 61.5H (5ft 1.5in)

12 oz D-shaped cups.

Dropping Pans
(two to a level)16.5w x 23L
(suggestion- because these pans don't cover the entire surface of cage, and the edges may not fit perfectly straight together, please use a piece of cardboard or wood to prevent droppings from falling on the bird below.)

Suggested Instructions:
(You will need a pair of pliers, and a second set of hands)
Step 1: Build the three white cages first. Use pliers on the U shaped caged clips. Its usually easier to bend the short side of the clips over the the wires of the cage first, then the longer edge. use 3-4 clips per upright and make the wires line up as best as you can.
Step 2: attach wheels to the two blue uprights
Step 3: space uprights far enough apart to fit the first white cage and the bottom white brace inbetween (this is where you may need that second set of hands) use the nuts that fit the white bottom brace and begin to tighten them to help keep the cage in place...from this point on simply work your way up.
Step 4: once all the cages are in place use the hooks and nuts to brace the white cages to the blue frame.
Step 5: Put the d cups and dropping pans in and you're done!

(If these instructions make it sound difficult don't be discouraged its actually rather easy.)

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Rolando Bigalbal

Execellent item.
Excellent customer service.

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