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As an aid in treating chronic respiratory disease (CRD) in racing and show pigeons. Also use for colds, sneezing, pneumonia, croup, and throat canker. VetRxル is a proven, 100% natural formula that has been used for over a century. This safe combination of powerful ingredients can be used internally as well as externally to keep your pigeon healthy. By using a few drops of VetRxル every few weeks, you can prevent health problems and save on costly trips to the vet. VetRxル Pigeon Formula effectively provides relief for Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD), Colds, Sneezing, Pneumonia, Roup, and Throat Canker.

- ALWAYS USE VetRx WARM): Open cap. Put bottle in small pan of water. Heat at medium temperature. Always test temperature of product before applying internally or externally. Prepare solution into One-half cup of very warm water. Mix one-teaspoon of VetRx Pigeon Remedy. Use this solution for the following treatments:
- Nostrils and Throat : Using a medicine dropper, treat both nostrils with two drops in each. Continue this treatment twice daily for 7 days. During this 7 day treatment you may also put one drop down the birds throat each time you treat nostrils. This willl help keep throat passages clean
- Eye Pack : If eyes are badly swollen, make a pack about one-inch square from hospital cotton. Dip pack into solution and place over infected eye. Then, with another piece of cotton, gently drip warm solution over eye pack. Continue for about five minutes each day for several days, until you note improvement
- Under Wings : Put a drop of VetRx full strength (warm) from bottle under wings of each bird you are treating. When bird puts its head under either wing while resting, the vapors will help relieve cold symptoms

- Made with 3.3% (V-V) Alcohol U.S.P.
- Canada Balsam
- Camphor
- Oil Oreganum
- Oil Rosemary
- Blended in a corn oil base

Size: 2 fl oz

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