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When we look at our young birds, we see a future champion. Help them to achieve their best performances by giving them the best start possible. This is especially important when your birds will be mixing with other birds in a One Loft Race or the show ring. They need a robust and healthy immune system to defend against what nature and other birds may throw at them. Don't just throw them on the floor and hope they get what they need. This is a period of high stress for the weanlings, and no one wants to be medicating birds at such a young age.

You can help them with all natural and scientifically tested and proven products that contain probiotics, organic proteins, antioxidants, organic trace minerals, amino acids yeast cultures and more. This nutritional and immune system support should continue during their formative months as the birds grow, molt, develop their muscles and fly a round the loft.

Now with a new formula featuring Alltech's Sel-Plex® organic Selenium, Kastle Pigeon's Young Bird Developer Plus TM is the second stage of our Nutritional Support System for the life-cycles of our pigeons. It provides nutrients to support a healthy gut, muscle and feather development during periods of growth and stress. It is also an important aid during the transition to eating on their own by helping with digestion and nutrition absorption. This is a great product for breeders who have a history of virus infections or who may be exposing their birds to other birds at shows, race crates, one loft races or futurities. Young Bird Developer is formulated to

ensure nutrient needs of rapidly growing birds and aid the transition during and after weaning. Easily digestible ingredients and nutrient forms promote optimum gut health, intestinal and immune development along with feather and muscle growth as training approaches. I recommend using Young Bird Developer from weaning until training begins or through first molt for show birds. And don't forget, Acidifier Plus in the drinking water is the perfect complement to Young Bird Developer for rapidly-growing, stressed birds. It will help keep your birds hydrated and their gut acidified and with beneficial probiotics.

Schedule: Use from weaning until training or through first molt for show birds.

Dosage: Moisten feed using your favorite oil (such as peanut, wheat germ, etc.) Apply at a rate of 1 Tablespoon (10g) using the enclosed scoop per 1 pound (500g) of feed and mix well to coat the grain with the supplement. Use 4 times or more per week.

Size: 500gr

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