CoxiStat with Oregano for Coccidiosis and Protozoa Control (Kastle)

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CoxiStat with Oregano combines research-proven ingredients from Alltech to reduce Coccidiosis, protozoal & bacterial threats without antibiotics. It helps promote weight gain in weak or stressed pigeons which often happens with Coccidiosis infections. The oregano gives added natural protections against pathogenic bacteria like e-coli and salmonella so you don't have to blindly medicate with antibiotics. In addition to being an effective preventative, CoxiStat with Oregano should be used to help in recovery of infected pigeons with bad poops.  

Coccidiosis is highly infectious and quite a common illness that infects the intestines of birds. Signs of a Coccidiosis infection in pigeons include:

  • Loss of appetite and weight-loss
  • Puffed up on perches with a lack of energy or motivation
  • Droppings are usually extremely loose, greenish in color, and may turn very watery
  • Death can occur in young birds in severe cases

Young pigeons are most typically infected, but pigeons that have been subjected to severe stress (i.e. racing, exhibiting, lack of food and water, or relocation) can also be overrun with coccidiosis or other protozoa. Adult birds may become contaminated from consuming unclean water or from coming into contact with moist droppings.

This is a great preventative if you have recurring and predictable problems with Cocci which can be caused by increased dampness, humidity and moisture in the loft. Fancy pigeons especially are susceptible since they spend a lot of time on the floors which is an ideal breeding ground for Coccidiosis. 

The benefits of CoxiStat include:

• Improved racing, stamina, and breeding performance.

• Reduced coccidial infection and other protozoa.

• Stimulated appetite to help stressed pigeons gain weight and promote growth in young birds.

• Help healing intestinal lesions and membranes caused by protozoal and bacterial infections.

• Natural ingredients: No side effects or resistance.

This product comes in two sizes: 125g and 250g. This is a very potent mix and a little goes a long way. The pigeons find it very palatable, too.

INSTRUCTIONS: Moisten feed using your favorite oil. Apply CoxiStatTM using the enclosed scoop at a rate of 1 scoop per 1 pound (500g) of feed and mix well to coat grain. Use 2-4 times or more per week as a preventative or use every day during periods of stress, infection or recovery. CosiStatTM is a perfect compliment to all Kastle Pigeon Products and can be used safely together or with medication.

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Seems like it's working

Racing pigeons need it

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