Doxybird Tabs (Medpet): Treats Ornithosis / One Eye Cold in Pigeons


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For the treatment of Ornithosis ("One Eye Cold") and respiratory conditions caused by Doxycycline sensitive organisms in pigeons and soft bill birds.

The tablet is uniquely coated with the "Medpet cellulose method", which prevents vomition and preserves the Doxycycline potency. Easy to dose shape of the tablet, makes it the ideal treatment for single birds.

Composition (per one tablet): Doxycycline 7.5 mg

Dosage Treatment: Give 1/2-1 tablet per bird of 200g to 500g body mass and 1-2 tablets per bird of 500g to 1kg body mass for 5-7 consecutive days.

Withdrawal Time:  3 days of last treatment.

Size: 100 tablets


* Disclaimer: Not for animals intended for human consumption *

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