Feedtastic Timothy Hay (American Pet)


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  • FLAVOR - Delicious - small pet's LOVE Feedtastic!
  • IMMUNITY SUPPORT - Boosts immune system
  • NUTRITION SUPPORT - Prebiotic added for healthy digestion
  • HEALTHY FIBER - For a healthy gut and teeth
  • ALL NATURAL -  Pure & no preservatives

Getting more nutrition from each bite is great, but sometimes we can’t get our picky eaters to try it in the first place. That’s why we created Feedtastic™. A line of nutrition and flavor-boosted foods designed to get your little critter eating again. Feedtastic™ contains a powerful prebiotic that helps boost your pet’s immune system, digestion, and nutrient absorption, helping them live a healthier, longer life (whether they have a picky appetite or not!). That’s why we call Feedtastic™ The Secret to Healthier Pets!

Size: 24oz

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