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Forest Fusion Lorikeet (Vetafarm) Premium Lorikeet Food

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Distributed widely throughout Australia, lorikeets and lories feed mainly on fruit, pollen, and nectar, and possess a tongue adapted especially for their particular diet. Made with real, delicious dates, bee pollen, and blueberry extract, Forest Fusion has been specifically designed to replicate the natural diet of loris/lorikeets without the high sugar content of traditional diets.

Forest Fusion Lorikeet food was formulated by avian veterinarians as a complete diet for Lorikeets when fed as 80% of the total diet. Fresh foods such as fruit may be given as behavioral enrichment.

This product has been developed with NO artificial colors, NO refined sugars, and NO by-products. It is made with real, delicious dates, bee pollen, and blueberry extract, achieving natural sweetness and an amazing taste for Lorikeets.

This product is extrusion-cooked for palatability, digestibility, and food safety.

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Muhammad Rafiq

Very good

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