Multivet - with Molting Aid (Vetafarm) Bird Supplement - Helps Feather Production

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Multivet is a multivitamin, mineral and amino acid bird supplement designed by avian vets for year round use in all birds, especially during the molting season. 

Multivet provides a balance of nutrients essential for the general health of birds, particularly those fed on seed diets. The amino acids in are essential for the normal and healthy development of feathers. Bird multivitamins and proteinated minerals are included to ensure absorption in the gut.

Multivet is best used daily in young birds up to and during their first molt, then every second day afterwards as an ongoing dietary supplement.

Multivet will supply seed-eating birds with the majority of their dietary needs, although a good source of calcium, such as Calcivet, should also be supplied to birds, particularly during breeding.

Product Benefits

  • Contains multivitamins, minerals, and amino acids for year round use
  • Used especially during the molting season to improve feather production
  • Can be used during breeding season to enhance feather production and development in young birds
  • 100 ml bottle makes about 8 gallons of water
  • Developed by avian veterinarians
  • Proudly made in Australia; Imported

Bird Supplement Active Ingredients

Vitamin A, D3, E , Thiamine, Riboflavin, Lysine HCl, Pyridoxine, Methionine, Nicotinamide, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, Choline Chloride

Bird Supplement Dosing Instructions

Mix 0.5mL of Multivet with 150mL of clean drinking water
and supply for 3-5 days each week and daily during the moult.

US conversion:
Mix 3 ml of Moulting Aid per quart (32 oz) of drinking water


50ml, 100 ml (3.4 fl oz) and 250 ml (7.5 fl oz) in plastic bottle

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