Neutralize It! - Odor and Moisture Control (American Pet)


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WANT THE SMELL TO GO AWAY? Try Neutralize It!  It's Fantastic!!!

IDEAL FOR: All pet litter boxes, cages, coops, stalls, and pens.

WHY USE IT? Because it really works to neutralize ammonia odor & absorb moisture.  Don't mask it, NEUTRALIZE IT!


  • Neutralizes ammonia
  • Odor Reduction - Aids in reducing odor by neutralizing acids in urine creating a more comfortable living environment for the pet and pet owner.
  • Moisture Absorption - Super moisture absorber, drying up and neutralizing acids.
  • Reduces Bacteria - Neutralize It! has a pH of 9.5. When NEUTRALIZE IT! meets pet waste, it attacks the bacteria increasing the pH. Bacteria will die off under these conditions.
  • Compost Enrichment - Neutralize It! is a soft, premium calcium that is a superior soil and compost enrichment.
  • Breathe Easier when the ammonia smell is neutralized. You and your pet can breathe in fresh air.
  • Other uses - Garden enrichment, oil spills, helps dry up high moisture areas, garages, basements, well houses, around livestock water troughs, and many more places.
  • Garden calcium supplement-add to tomatoes, and other vegetables requiring calcium

USE FOR ALL PETS: Rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, chickens, cats, dogs, hamsters, ferrets, horses, and large livestock

  • Premium Calcium
  • Sprinkle in habitat to minimize odors
  • Made in USA
  • Safe and Non-Toxic for All Pets


  • Sprinkle a little under any bedding, litter, or in coop area after cleaning and in between in areas where waste collects. 


  • Small Animal Litter Boxes or Litter Tray
  • Cat Litter Box
  • Dog Kennels or Relief Area
  • Poultry in Coop, Bedding, Run, Yard, Nest, & Pen
  • Horse Stalls and Bedding Areas

ALL-NATURAL, NON-TOXIC, & SAFE: 100% pure, premium calcium. A naturally occurring mineral that is safe and non-toxic for pets and pet parents.

MADE IN USA: Locally mined and sourced in the USA. Derived from hot water springs, Neutralize It! is a high-grade calcium that is a unique type of calcium which is soft, white, and has a fast reaction time to NEUTRALIZE IT!


Size: 4lb

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