RECUP BOOST 7000 (Vanhee)


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Grape sugar with vitamin C and GTF Chrome.

Replacement for VAN GLUCOCHROME. Improved formula. This product ensures fast recuperation after exhaustive races or training. Grape sugar with vitamin C and GTF Chrome. GTF Chrome helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Great during the competition season, breeding and after recovery from diseases.

VANHEE RECUP BOOST 7000 is a complementary SUPPLEMENT that is absorbed straight into organism. It highly favors the quick recovery of pigeons after strenuous and exhausting flights. In this way pigeons will soon retrieve their strength to take part in a next competition. It has proved efficient for the breeding of strong and healthy young birds. It also increases resistance to any sort of infectuous diseases.

Dosage Treatment:
One spoonful in two liters of pure drunking water for two days during the compitition season, both for young and old pigeons after return home from a flight.

After treatment for illness or after cures, one spoonful in two liters of drinking water for eight days.


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